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Online Employee Training Benefits with SyberWorks e-Learning

There are many training challenges and opportunities that face managers today, including:

Keeping Business Skills Up-to-Date: Today’s workforce has to process more information in a shorter amount of time. Training managers feel the urgency to deliver knowledge and skills more rapidly and efficiently whenever and wherever needed. Just-in-time training becomes a critical element to add to the organizational training mix. At the same time, other modes of training, such as classroom, on-the-job, video, workbooks, etc., will continue to have important roles to play.

Improving Employee Performance and Retention: Business managers realize that corporations that offer ongoing education and training enjoy the benefits of a better-skilled workforce and a higher rate of employee retention. These benefits are increased even more when employees can see a direct correlation between various learning events and their career plans and success.

Cutting Training Cost: Organizations can no longer afford to use classroom training exclusively because of extensive travel and lodging expenses. Time spent away from the job traveling or sitting in a classroom also reduces per-employee productivity and revenue. And, employees increasingly favor training options that do not involve travel to reduce risk and time away from their families.

Increasing Flexibility: Globalization, competition, and labor shortages cause employees to work longer and harder. At the same time, today's job roles require employees to be more independent and to take on more responsibility. Modern training methods need to reflect these changes in lifestyle.

SyberWorks has helped organizations such as Beaumont Hospital, Boston Scientific, John Deere, Siemens, and Fairchild Semiconductor in industries spanning the healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications/technology sectors, as well as government entities and small businesses meet these training challenges. The SyberWorks Learning Management System enables organizations to manage all types of training from classroom to e-Learning to mentored on-the-job experiences, and directly tie those varieties of learning events to the employee's current and planned skill sets.

SyberWorks Helps You Manage Your Learning and Training Needs:

To learn more about how SyberWorks can help you meet your organization's training needs, e-mail us at  info@syberworks.com, call us at  888-642-7078, or fax us at  781-891-1994.

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