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SyberWorks Integrated Web Conferencing

SyberWorks integrated web conferencing is accessed directly from the SyberWorks Training Center Learning Management System's user interface. Integrated web conferencing provides a unique, private, real-time collaboration environment for students and instructors to interact. Integrated Web Conferencing allows you to track the results of online training sessions done by webcast in the SyberWorks LMS/LCMS database.

A web conference is a great way to make courses more dynamic and interesting. Online learners can use interactive utensils such as hand-raising, transparency tools, co-browsing, and others to communicate and express concepts in an online webcast session. Integrated web conferencing offers instructors an assortment of teaching tools at their fingertips such as breakout groups, participation monitoring, application sharing and more.

The SyberWorks Training Center with integrated web conferencing bridges the gap of not having an instructor immediately present with all the benefits of an on-demand virtual classroom where interaction between instructors and students take place.

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